Friday, September 10, 2010

DDC Day XXV; (Extended Summer) The Fun is Dead, Long live The Fun

Two years ago I was lucky enough to spend the day at Astroland on it Final Day.  Click this for my old blog.

Today I took my kids and 3 of their friends to the Luna Park, build on it's exact footprint.  (Not the foot print of the old Luna Park, that is a housing project now.)

The first ride they got on was actually the F Train.

This is what they were looking at.

The kids did not appreciate it, but as soon as we got off the train we witnessed the physical end of Faber's Fascination..  Sad timing.

We had to eat at Nathan's.  They have the worst service in NYC, but you gotta.  There were some cool bikes parked there

Then off to our goal.  Luna Park.  I was warned that it is a shade free place with long line.  Not today.  Nice cloud cover and a Jewish Holiday meant no sun and no lines.

My ancestors might have preferred that I went to Synagogue today.  I think I did a better by allowing 3 people to go to work and not have to take a personal day today.


  1. Those are some truly scary-looking rides. Bet the kids loved them. You do the coolest things with your kids.

    Reminds me of my dad. He died a year ago, after years of dementia, and the four of us stood around in his room at the care facility, recalling fun and funny Dad stories, until we almost got kicked out of there. Like you, he really believed "DO things with your kids."

    Alberta, Canada

  2. Thanks Kay,

    That is how I want to be remembered too.

  3. I'm happy the arcade owner was able to take down and "save" the signs from Joe Sitt's wrecking ball. At the same time, it's heartbreaking to see the building being emptied of tenants and stripped of its personality.


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