Friday, August 4, 2006

August 2006

hat you do not know because you are not me

I am gonna try to write a column in "Around the Park" and that is what I want to call it.

Many of you know I am a little crazy, the rest of you have not really met me yet. So Saturday was the Club Team Championship Race. I always enjoy this race. It is fun to hang at the end and make believe that I am competing with people who finish in one third of my time. But I am always troubled by the distance.... 5 miles...the middle of August...not so good if I am gonna run a Marathon in 10 weeks. The past couple of years I doubled my miles by running with the women. That was fun and actually quite satisfying to run the second race faster than the first.

But this year the New New York Half is 8 days later, so I am only gonna get to run 13 miles next week, so I have to get in some real miles the week of the 5 mile race.

So I ran to the start.

I know I can run to Columbus Circle (over the Brooklyn Bridge, cross Chambers St and up the West Side) in just over 2 hours. I left the house at 5:30AM, it was dark. I hoped to see the sunrise from the Bridge, but when I crossed the Gawanas Canal on Carroll St. the sky was all lit up, it look pretty awesome, all black and white with water towers every where. Then I ran down Court St (not a car from Union to Atlantic) and watched the street lights go off. When I got to the Brooklyn Bridge things got really cool. There ware a lot more tourists on the bridge than I thought there would be at 6:05AM. They were all sitting in a row with their backs to the Statue of Liberty. I figured if 25 people are all facing the same way, maybe I should see what they were looking at. So I looked to my right. The sun was rising and is exactly between the levels of the Manhattan Bridge, then a Q train going towards the City cast a shadow on us a half a mile away, Woooo.

When I got to City Hall I reconsidered my route and ran up Broadway to 5th Ave to the Park. At 7:51AM, 2 hours and 21 minutes after I left my house I see Anne and the rest of the PPTC women (and Julio). I don't believe how good my timing was, and I also had a great race.

More things you don't know because you are not me next month

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