Saturday, August 30, 2008

It is the Ocean City

I have never been to the shore before. I have been to many beaches, but never the shore. They are really the same

We just spent 2 full days with my cousins in Ocean City NJ. Every summer they spent a week there and they were nice enough to let the kids and I crash there for 2 day. This is the list of thing we did 36 hours, in mostly temporal order.

Dropped Mom off at work at 6 am
Drove to 125 miles to Ocean City
Woke everybody up
Put 8 kids into a surrey
Ate lunch (talked about dinner)
Played mini golf
Went kite flying
Swam in the ocean
Ate Dinner (talk about next days meals)
Went to a cool amusement park
Had Polish Water Ice
Flopped on the floor and slept like a dead fish
Woke up
Ran 5 miles
Ate breakfast (talked about lunch)
Rented 4 wheeled go cart bikes for the kids
got donuts
Ate lunch (talked about dinner)
Rode gasoline go carts
The kids swam in the pool for about 5 hours
Ate dinner
Drove home (talked about dinner)

I had no idea what to expect in Ocean City. What I did not know is what made it a great place. Ocean city is a dry town. Yes, there are no bars and you can't buy booze in town. I thought that only a religious community would do that and I would not imagine wanting to be part of that. But, that was not the case at all. Ocean City has a marketing niche. If you want to get drunk and get wild Atlantic City it a few mile away. Ocean City is a great place to enjoy active activities and the Spring Break Crowd is some where else. Both can exist, the just do not have to be in the same place.

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