Monday, September 22, 2008

What's Up With That?

Sunday I ran a half-marathon. It was the first time I ever traveled to a place just for the point of a race. It is not just the traveling that make it complicated, The question is "How do you keep the rest of the family happy?"

It all worked out OK. The wife and kids made a quick trip to a Museum while I picked up my race stuff. Then we went out for a nice dinner (at Jon's Bar & Grille) on South Street. I woke up early to get ready for the race I went out for a cup of coffee across the street from the hotel. When I returned I brought muffins and fruit for the family. After the race we went to the Franklyn Institute. I thought that it was important that the whole family get a little vacation, not just come with me to a race. I think they did.

But going out of town for a race means changing my racing routine. The wonderful thing about traveling to a race is that you can choose where you wake up. We stayed in a hotel that was so close to the starting line that is was the starters pistol that woke up the wife and kids. However, driving home the afternoon after running a hard half-marathon was brutal. The legs were not happy sitting in the car for 2 hours. NOT HAPPY.

The most annoying change was the post race shower. Yes it was nice to just walk a block back to the Hotel, but they had a frekin low flow shower head. What is there a drought in Philadelphia? I just want to take a shower and move on with life, not stand under a dribble. What's up with that? If the Hotel want to save some bucks and look good for the environment they could stop using little shampoo and conditioner plastic bottles and go with something that hangs on the wall and squirts the soap into your hand!!

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