Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am so glad the tourists don't leave Manhattan!

Today was a nasty rainy day. We decided to spend the day at the New York Hall of Science. We had a great day. As usual, the museum, the bathrooms and the dining area were spotless. It is also never crowded, I bet the Museum of Natural History was packed. Today I actually thought of the million New York kids who spent the day inside looking at the TV, some of them could have had a much better experience if they got to the Hall of Science.

I have been taking my 8 year old twins there for half of their lives and every 6 months they appreciate it in new ways. Now that they are "big kids" I don't have to keep them together and I can let them explore a little on their own . I can let them know what spot I will be in and let them enjoy an exhibit.

One of the things that make my visits there great are all the young people who are there to help. I found out they are called Explainers. There is a whole Science Career Ladder of jobs at the Hall of Science. These kids get some science training and are there to make sure we are appreciating the exhibits. Some get promoted to help with science/arts and craft projects like making a magic box, or today we made slime.

Not only are the Explainers good for the Hall, but I thing these kids get a great thing. When I was in high school my only job opportunities were in retail and fast food. The predominant skill I walked away with was how to hate people. These kids walk away with a little bit if science technology and some great people skills. I am glad my kids will have opportunities like this in 10 years.

Here are some pictures of the kids and myself...

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  1. Love that place! So much fun stuff to do! Did you see how fast you can pitch a ball?

    You will be glad to know that my kid didn't sit around and watch
    TV all day. He had rock school in the morning and then a tennis lesson. After tennis he had a play date with the kid next door, then we took them to the movies.

  2. Denise, now that you got me thinking about it, most of my kids friends do lots of cool stuff, without the TV. Maybe I am thinking about my world back in 1971. It would have been a TV day.

  3. Michael, if this is such a great
    place how can more people find
    out about it and enjoy it like
    your family does....

  4. heh.
    I'd be nervous having my kids wander around but I'm very paranoid like that. I'm sure by age 8 they're pretty savvy, especially if they're New York kids, who grow up FAST.

    I was reading your list of metrocard finds. That is insane. Do you pick up any card you see not around a station and then check?

    congrats on the marathon run!

  5. kitty, I got good kids, anyway when they started going on school trips I realized that I had to give them a little bit of a longer leash, because their teachers did.

    The metrocards are everywhere. If you ever see one and you are not near the subway it is worth while to bend down and pick it up.


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