Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alternate Side is easy

This is around the corner from my home.

Tomorrow they put the pavement back and Thursday they are gonna film a TV show.

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  1. I found you linked from the comments on the "Conservative Austinite" and thought I'd drop by and say hi.

    Hi. ;O)

    I agree with your comment on the recent C.A. blog post, by the way. Can I ask how you stumbled across that blog? Sorry to be nosy, just curious since it looks like you live in New York.


    Your blog looks fun, I might have to bookmark it.

  2. Kelley, I have a google alert set up for any mention of the NYC Marathon. The Conservative Austine mentions that Mike Huckabee ran the race.

    Did you know that Huckabee pardoned Keith Richards?

    Theses are not enough reasons to vote for him though.

  3. I didn't know that about Keith Richards. Interesting. Unfortunately I'm no Huckabee fan; I went on a bit of a rant about him over on the Conservative Austinite.

    Glad to know he has good taste in music, though. Haha.


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