Saturday, December 20, 2008

You might find this to gross to read

Today I went out for a run. As I crossed the frozen slush covered Brooklyn Bridge I noted that the temperature on the Watchtower Building said 23 degrees.

The most amazing thing happened. I blew my nose. The wad that came out of my left nostril must have weighed about a pound and a half. There was two simultaneous sounds. One was the splat as it hit the icy bridge and the other was the popping in my ear. My vision temporally became perfect and I found my glasses actually caused blurriness and I ran the rest of the way over the bridge holding them.

I needed my glasses again by the time I got passed City Hall. I took the subway home because I just did not want to go back on the Brooklyn Bridge till after it rains.

I am sorry if you were grossed out, but you were warned. I don't know why I just typed that, I just did.

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