Friday, February 20, 2009

What is wrong with this picture?

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Today I took the boy and his best friend the the Staten Island Children's Museum. (I can't say enough good things about that place, but that is not what I am blogging about today. I got issues with the Ferry.

On the way there we got to take the new boat The Guy V, Molinari, cool. It had elevators, water fountains and it even had a map in case you got lost. The boat has two ends, it does not turn around, it goes back and forth. One end goes to Staten Island and the other always goes to New York City.

If you look at the map, the boat does not even leave New York State. It goes from Manhattan to Staten Island or from Whitehall to St. George. But it is always IN New York City.

When I took the picture above I got a weird look from a crewmen. When I asked him if we are leaving New York City to got to Staten Island he muttered something in a language I think only used by 18th Century Pirates. I put my camera away before he sicked Homeland Security on me.

On the way back we had to wait a few minutes for the returning boat. I thought the Ferry Terminal had some sort of Muzak sound track. It turned out there was live music. There was a woman playing a saw. I usually don't criticize but she really sucked. I am sorry but it was like saw karaoke.

Yea, she "played her saw to a pre-recorded sound track. No matter how she ran her bow across the saw it made the same noise. She just kept making different pained looking faces. She is the Saw Lady . She also has a Blog. (danger! Clicking these links give you audio)

We stood there for a wile so I gave my son a dollar to give her. He looked at me like I was crazy. He would not do it. His friend did. That is bad....

Again, I am really sorry, I never wanted to use my blog to make people look bad but she was really bad.

It you watch the video below she says that "it is not a skill you can be taught , you can only figure it out". I think this reinforces my observations that it is only music in her own head.

Holy, shit, look at the video. It is shot at the Union Square Subway Station. I used to go there daily. Is that me with my back to her 2:13 in to the video?


  1. I guess to each his own. I've been seeing/hearing the Saw Lady at the Times Square subway station for years. I think she is fantastic - being able to make beautiful music with a tool - that's amazing.

  2. Dave, I am glad you like her. Diversity is the spice of life!

  3. Looks like she blogged about her day too!

  4. huh?

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