Sunday, March 29, 2009

I was wanted to name my son Brooklyn, as in the Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge in fogklos
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and my daughter Liberty, as in the Statue. Just for a minute. Sanity prevailed. It is a good thing it takes two people to name children. My kids are freaky enough having me as a dad.

This is what it look like this morning as I ran over the Bridge. It's not my photo, I borrowed it from the flickr pool, thanks sklose. I had to take my glasses off to run, they were just getting wet. It made me think of a great moment in Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader is about to die and he tells his son Luke to remove his helmet. "Nothing can stop that now, for once let me look one you with my own eyes." The view was nice with my own eyes.

The Bridge and the view was a little blurry but is was with my own eyes. I ran past some tourists taking a picture of Lower Manhattan. I stopped and told them that I run over the Brooklyn Bridge almost every week, but this view is the best. With the fog, you can not see what is missing. They knew what I was taking about. "
Under the Bridge
Also from the flicker pool, thanks Lazen.

I continued my regular route, crossing Chambers St and making a left at the Hudson River. I was planning to run back to Brooklyn but I noticed something new. After rounding the Battery and passing the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, I saw a line of people on Pier 11, just South of the South St Seaport. It was the line for the Ikea Ferry, a free water taxi from Manhattan to the Ikea in Red Hook. What the hell, I had been running for a good 2 hours and it was 11am and the ferry was about to leave. I jumped on the boat and took a 15 minute ride back to Brooklyn. I jogged in place and stretched.

Only in New York City does a furniture store hire a boat to get their shoppers to their store.

Only in New York City doe nobody notice a guy in shorts jogging in place for 15 minutes on a water taxi when it is 35 degrees.


  1. So, do you sometimes slip and
    call them Liberty and Brooklyn
    by mistake...did you ever tell
    them this could of been there

  2. My friend named her cat Brooklyn.

  3. Yeah, i remember you telling me this once! If you had given your kids those names, i wouldn't even be able to talk to you, LOL

  4. do the bridge still have the manmade waterfalls about six months ago some prety nice picters was posted by renee at

  5. DawnB, the Waterfalls are long gone. They were only meant to stay the summer.

    They were nice but it turned out that their salty mist was not so good for the grass.

  6. Really pretty pictures! I have a nephew named Freedom, and that's pretty weird. Everyone thinks so--except the parents. But I do like Brooklyn for a name--but probably nobody else would.

    :-) Marion


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