Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yesterday Jury Duty, today the Dentest

I like em both. My dentist once told me that I am a good patient. I gave it some thought. All day long I am multitasking, usually in charge of a few things at once. When I worked I was often juggling and putting out a fire at the same time. Now I am blogging and helping the kids with their homework.

When you go to the dentist you sit down, let the man do his job and when it is done you get up. The discomfort (pain) I can deal with. It is like running a marathon. When it is done it will stop hurting and it will not be permanent.

But for about a half an hour I don't have to multitask, I am not telling anybody what to do, I am not responsible for anybody else. So even it it hurts I find it relaxing.

I told this to the my dentist. He understood. It then accrued to us that this might be why so many super executives get into going to dominatrices (at least on Law and Order). They get of on being passive for a change. My dentist and I kept this conversation short, we would have had to get drunk for it to continue.

But on Thursday I have to have 2 wisdom teeth removed. Maybe not so much fun.

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