Friday, April 24, 2009

PS 321 Go Green

Today is the Friday after Earth Day, so I guess it is the last day of Earth Week. The kids school had a walkathon. It was a great day for it. The whole school walked over to Prospect Park and did a loop of the Long Meadow. Parents had the option of making a donation to a "Green" cause.

I don't think this walkathon was about money. It was about taking 90 minutes and not spending money, not consuming anything, not making anything. Just go to The Park. Take a Walk.

I joked with one of the organizers. "Why didn't we get a bottled water company to sponsor this event, the kids sure needed some bottled water in The Park." For a second she thought I was serous.

But it is not so far from the truth. Look at the website for Dasani, the Coca-Cola plastic bottled water company. They have the nerve to call it Dasani Eco Living. All Dasani does is make plastic bottles and put water in them. Oh, and they also try to convince you that you need to buy their product.

But for Dasani to associate themselves with Earth Day is an insult. From the Coca-Cola website "Earth Day is a great time to celebrate the many wonders of the world—like cool, crisp refreshing water. In honor of Mother Nature, you can earn Double Points with DASANI."

If Coca-Cola wanted to do something good for the Earth, they should go out of business or at least stop putting water in plastic bottles and try convince us they are a "green" company. I have leaned that this is called "Greenwashing". Good word.

Walking up Third Street

Lots of green, going into Prospect Park
Green Grass

The longest meadow in New York City
Green with pink
The cops actually stopped the bikers. They could have walked their bikes around us in a second. I guess they were enjoying the break.....


  1. It's great to see all the green shirts doing the 2 mile walkathon!

    did you happen to see my green shirt walking?

    By the way, i didn't realize this walkathon took place 7 years in the future! And, in December too-wow

  2. great shots! i wish i could figure out how to post photos via mobile - or maybe you're just fast to the 'puter to upload. in any case, thanks for the pix!

  3. "great idea for the kids to get out and walk for the sake of walking! Your 'green and pink' photo is alot nicer than the ones I took at the NY Botanical garden this a.m. --lots of kids at NY Bot. garden...the trees are spectacular!!My photos just didn't come out well.."

  4. Denise. My camera has been wacky with the date receintly. I have been meaning to look at the date before I start my day of photoing. I just went to reset the date and the screen is just whit with a blotch of rainbow. It is still under warranty, so the blogisphere will be without my eye for 10 - 14 days.


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