Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shut your mouth and..... think of all the money you got

My friend Rundangersly just reminded me that today is the 32 anniversary of the Clash's debut album. Shit, does that make my old.

Not so much, I could listen to this and feel 17 again. I can feel the Palladium balcony bouncing under my feet. I can see the words coming out of Joe Stummer's toothless mouth from the front row of Bonds. Just because I am 45 now does not mean that my 17 year old self is not still in me.

Turn up volume to max and stand up for best effect !!!

I found out about Joe Strummer's death the morning he died. All day I listened to the radio waiting for a tribute. WNEW did nothing all day. Nothing. They were in the middle of changing their format (from crap to shit), but they were the only Rock and Roll station in NYC.

I called them in the evening. The DJ answered. I told him that I was the market of their radio station and they were treating me like shit. I said "Joe Strummer has been dead all day and you have done nothing....... I am now 39 years old but HE WAS THE VOICE OF MY TEENAGE ANGER." I was really pissed, The DJ told me they were working on it, then he asked me all sorts of stupid questions. I realized I was being interviewed.

A half hour later they used me to introduce their "tribute". They turned my anger at them for ignoring the death of a man who changed the face of music into just anger. They they played Train in Vain and some other sell out song.

I am glad WNEW is history.

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