Thursday, May 7, 2009

ABOUT BROOKLYN BLOGFEST 2009 | Brooklyn Blogfest

ABOUT BROOKLYN BLOGFEST 2009 | Brooklyn Blogfest

I was there. I was the guy in the black hoodie. I was a long day I did not feel like talking to any body. You all seemed like nice people but I hadda go home. But I did have a question:

Does any blogger know of any body who had some problem in their personal life because of personal information on their blog? Pictures of kids? Name of the pet? Did anybody get kidnapped? Blackmailed? Identity thefted? Hoodwinked?
That is what I wanna know.

There was one comment I heard about Brooklyn Blogging that I would like to repeat. I don't know who said it and I am going to paraphrase. It is important that the Brooklyn Blogisphere (I am sorry Brenda, I think blogisphere is an ok word) needs diversity. Not just racial, gender, social-economic type diverdity. But we need to seat more old Brooklynites at the the Blogateria. The community (there I said it) is made up of nubies. We neeed more odsters.

Anyway, I took 4 photos. All from the same spot.

I took the first at 7pm.

Turned 90 degrees and took the second.
At 10pm I took this from the same spot.
Again, I turned to the left and took this.


  1. Wow I totally agree, I wanted to have a fare representation on my sidebar of each neighborhood and or borough, and it is surprising how many blogs in brooklyn there are, but very very few really look deep enough into brooklyn history and all.

  2. Where was this?I wish i went!

  3. nice series of shots...enjoyed reading your post.
    could not believe how many metro cards you've found...that is something!
    have a wonderful sunday.


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