Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another great day to run with a Camera

I wanted to run up the West Side again to see the fleet. On my way there I did something I never did before. I asked a stranger if I may photograph her. Not so much because she was doing something interesting (this is NYC, I see that all the time), but because I instantly knew I could get some great background. This woman definitely has some hula-hoop skills but look at the top of her head! What a great place to practice.

As I continued my run uptown I ran around the Chelsea Piers Sports Complex. I never saw so many golf balls. There was a guy in a little truck scooping them up.

It was really a funny noise. About 20 people hitting balls, most of them aiming a the guy in the truck and the serf hitting the bottom of the pier. I was also weird to think that this was the place the Titanic was supposed to arrive. Not so much, only the survivors.

I kept running uptown hoping to take some nice pictures of the fleet. Nothing very photogenic, just another Aircraft carrier a quarter mile north of the Intrepid. I heard they are trying to get their hands on the Atlantis Space Shuttle after it is retired. Now that will get me to take the kids there.

As I approached the Intrepid I very clearly saw the huge signs informing bike riders that they had to dismount and walk from about W 40th St to about W45th St because of the massive influx of (oblivious) tourists and sailors. There were also stanchions, Park Police, NYPD and National Guardsmen with really big guns. I watched a biker zoom around them. Of course he got a ticket. I hope he does not go on some biker blog and clam he was mistreated. The cops do a lot of wrong things when it comes to alternatives to cars, but not this time.

I looks like the chunk of the Riverside Park South is completed north of 59th St. It is just a beautiful place to run. Beautiful. The picture on the right is from the running path. It goes out into the water so you can see the land. What a gift!

As I ran into Riverside Park, I noticed a lot of cameras. I thought there was a movie or a wedding or something, but it did not look like that. Really big cameras all pointing at the trees. I looked up. There was a giant nest with a hawk in it. It was feeding two eyas.

I clearly need a bigger camera

So I got to the three hour mark in my run and was way uptown, further than I thought I would get. Look at the chair I sat in when I took the subway home from W116 St.

Then back to Prospect Park for a family bike ride and picnic:


  1. Looks like a nice picnic

  2. In my (considerable) experience with other photogs, that guy's lens is the equivalent of a Porsche. If you catch my meaning...

    I remember once at a competition held by my camera club one of the members made a comment to me about how I managed to take such great pictures with such a crappy camera. Only she didn't say crappy...

    Before I could defend myself a very senior member of the club interrupted and very frostily informed her that it's the photographer that takes the pictures and not the camera and as the president of the club she should know better than that.

    It was one of the greatest moments of my life!

    Looks like you had a great day; wish I could have been there!

  3. You have so much energy. I'm jealous.

  4. Wow - a three hour run? I'm winded after 10 minutes! ;)

    It looks like a fantastic area for running though - so much to see and to get involved with.


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