Sunday, May 10, 2009

It sure is fun to take the camera for a run.

I heard that some of the part of the Hudson River Park in midtown opened last week so I decided to run there. Yes, there defiantly has been progress there.

The next three photos are of the "new" part of Hudson River Park

The next two were taken from the same spot. At the end of the pier that leads to an air shaft for the Holland Tunnel. Scroll down for video.

I got to run around Marine & Aviation Pier 40
The photo below was take with my back to the water looking into the building on the pier. Who knew that there was a little league game going on?
The photo below was taken from the Northwest corner of Pier 40
The next two were take from the same spot on Pier 54. First South, see the Varazanno Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.
North is the Empire State Building.

This last photo is of the "Historic Float Bridge", Pier 66a. The tugboat on the left is called The Frying Pan. I went to the end of the that pier and suddenly realized that I walked into the kitchen of a restaurant. I startled the staff that was setting up for lunch. I told the chief that I often run by here but never notice a restaurant. He said they just opened up in March. I told her I will return with my family and money.

This is a move take wit my pocket size camera. Can you tell how windy it was. I had to hold my hat.

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