Friday, May 15, 2009

Some pretty things I saw this week

On Monday I got lunch from my favorite chicken and rice guy, near Borough Hall (More about that later) . This was my view from the steps of Borough Hall as I ate. I should written down their name because google is giving me no help in telling me who they were. They were middle school kids and their teacher introduced each song by saying it was a work in progress. Isn't that what middle school kids are?

I really like the "new green" on these bushes on 8th Ave. Those are hands from two different kids :)

and below are mushrooms that are growing in Prospect Park.


  1. You are right on... middle school kids are a work in progress ... for sure! neat photo... chicken n' rice is the best!

  2. like the new green growing and the little hands :)
    and chicken/rice sounds yummy.
    have a great weekend.

  3. very nice post for today's meme!
    I love hearing about Brooklyn, I know so little of it!

  4. But Lily, you are sooo close. Brooklyn is on Long Island.

  5. I loved looking at your pictures. It brings back great memories of growing up in Brooklyn. I still miss it even though I have been in VA for 15 years.


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