Saturday, June 13, 2009

I wanted to see the view from the Williamsburg Bridge

So I ran from Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge and across Chambers Street to the Hudson River. (I know I went the wrong way, but it was not about taking the most direct root. I also wanted to touch to top of the fence around Bowling Green. There used to be iron crowns decorating it. The were hacked off by George Washington's troupes and made into cannon balls to fire at the British in 1777. I saw but I saw something a little different.

Yes, they are making a movie. The cars had no engines. I hope they don't scratch the fence.

Moments later I watched a giant family of tourists step out of the subway. The grandmother of the family was dresses like Mrs Doubtfire. She looked at the tall building like she truly never saw a building that had an elevator before. A breath later a man stepped out of the Subway Station and in complete Bronx accent bellowed "Oh, shit it's fuckin raining." Mrs Doubtfire almost fell over. I winked at her and said "Welcome to New York."

So I ran around the Horn of Manhattan and back up North along the East River. I passed under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw this sign. A little weird considering the Brooklyn Bridge was behind me. Whatever.

On my way to the Willamsburg Bridge, I stopped in a Lower East Side Bodega to buy some sports drink. The little place was clogged up with some 12 year kids debating what flavor of Red Bull they wanted. (The short one actually said "Caffeine don't stunt your growth"'. Maybe it does not but why do they need it.) Anyway, I am waiting to pay and one kid tosses his candy wrapper out the front door. Well, I am in the middle of a 15 mile run and feeling good so a look at the kid and say "Do you think you are gonna see a garbage pail soon". He goes out and picks it up. The proprietor then hands me back five singles change from my five dollar bills and tell me to enjoy my Gatorade, it's on the house.

So I get to the Williamsburg Bridge. It is a good run. But last week I said you can see the Statue of Liberty and the UN, I was wrong. It has nice views, but if you a looking for views run a loop of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The coolest thing about running on the Williamsburg Bridge is the path itself. The path is new and it is high enough about the roadway that you don't have to endure a continuous roar of traffic. It is also among the cables of the Bridge itself. I think a giant spider or some science fiction monkey would have a great time on that bridge.

This is the view of Brooklyn. It is hard to see through the fence, but the variety of architecture is nice

These are pictures of the J train on the Bridge. I don't think I ever rode a J train.



  1. great scenic run through the city!

  2. Always something happening in NYC to spice up a run

  3. wow, that's so cool that he gave you a free gatorade, especially with the prices on those! That map my run thing looks cool, I've been looking for something similar (exactly the same) only it would be used for bicyclers, or taxi drivers? i suppose I'll just use the map my run.

    I just rode my bike from my new place in brooklyn to the east village and took the manhattan and brooklyn bridges, first time ever taking the manhattan on a bike. I too saw a bicycle direction sign for the manhattan bridge on the brooklyn side that made no sense, the sad thing is, that it was correct, the streets were so over planned, they didn't take into account that people on bikes might not want to go way out of their way to get somewhere.

    oops this comment was way longer than i thought it would be.

  4. What an awesome photo journey of your run! I love it!

  5. This was an interesting and different scenic story. Good you brought your camera :)
    Take care!


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