Saturday, June 6, 2009

My regular running loop is never the same

I had a fun time running over the Brooklyn Bridge around lower Manhattan and back.

On he way to Manhattan they were filming a women making etchings of the patterns on the lamp poles. They were originally lit by Thomas Edison.

It is hard to see but there are four or five "tall" ships near The Statue Of Liberty. It is part of the celebration of the 400 anniversary of the founding of New Amsterdam

Another picture in Battery Park, this time looking at the land. A few hundred people practicing Falun Gong. In China they would be arrested for doing this.

There used to be an aquarium down at the Battery. Now it looks like they are gonna build an "Aquatic Carousel"

There is a guy on the Brooklyn Bridge selling pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge

The guy in yellow has his feet on the road. It is not as scary as it looks


  1. Very nice coverage--I plan to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and if I get so inspired I will run it too--looks like fun and great visuals.

  2. Melanie

    The Williams burg Bridge has the best views. The pedestrian path is over the road enough so you don't always have the roar of traffic

  3. No way! The Manhattan Bridge has the best views by see the Bk Bridge and all of lower manhattan. The bridge itself is UGLY but the views kick ass.

  4. Way. You can look south all the way to the Green Lady and North to the UN. I will go next week with my camera.

  5. Nice views all around, but my favorite is the one of the Statue of Liberty.

  6. Interesting views. I particularly like your commentary that accompanies each shot and I think that's it's cool that you took these while running. I'm a first timer here via skywatch fri.

  7. You did see a lot of things while running...well that is life.

    Las Islas Filipinas World

  8. Great photos. I never ran over the Brooklyn Bridge. I may give it a go sometime!!


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