Friday, July 17, 2009

DDC Day 10: Governers Island

Took that kids and their bikes to Governors Island. This place is great. It is a gift. I have learned that if you don't accept and enjoy your gifts you will lose them.

The best thing about going there is the lack of a sign that says "XYZ Corporation Welcomes You..." There is no Citibank, not McDonald's, but lots of nice stuff and pleasant people who are there to help you have a good time.

It is a great place to take two nine year-olds and their bikes. But for me that meant I had to take two nine year-olds and their bikes on the SUBWAY. Not so easy. We did not make any friends on the R train. But we did not make any enemies either. I forgot Whitehall has an escalator, not an elevator. Oy. I don't think we are going to bike back there till we can bike all the way there.

Once there we had a great time. The 10 minute ferry ride was pleasant one once we got there we had lunch the kids played in a giant sand box then we loop around the Island.

We played mini golf and did some arts and crafts nicely supplied and staffed by the Children's Museum of Manhattan

So I urge you. Go there and enjoy. If you don't we might not have it anymore. Donand Trump might buy it.


  1. How nice to find your blog. I lived in Brooklyn for many years, first on Warren Street then 8th Street. Now we have an apartment in Bayside and a house on the North Fork (the source material for my blog). But we MISS Brooklyn, miss doing grocery shopping in 3 or more stores. Is Jimmy still butchering on 5th Ave. just off 9th St.? Finding your blog is like a breath of fresh air (loved the swimming pool regulations posting) I will happily follow your blog!

  2. I'm a Brooklyn boy myself.
    It's nice to see these pictures again.
    It's been a long time.

  3. No more butchering on 5th Ave and sadly there is a Target on Atlantic and Flatbuch :(

  4. I plan on hitting Governors Island in the next couple of weeks... I want to play the crazy artist mini golf! I also hear they have free bike rentals on Fridays.

  5. I used to work right on Flatbush where that Target is now. It's amazing how they're trying to build up the area, but still so weird to me to see it happening! Great shots!

  6. Mrs Duffy. You must go but if you want a free bike go early.

    Also, I heard the ferries fill up on really nice Saturdays and Sundays.

    Another reason to go early. and don't get there hungry or thirsty. The food was good but the servers were overwhelmed at the Taxi Beach and there is no drinkable water there. (Although I found a hose and had a lot and so far, so good.)


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