Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We flew a kite

It is not so simple. You just don't fly it. You have to choose one, and then put it together.

Knowing nothing of kites I went to Little Things, my source for all things toy. They had lots of kites, is simply chose the mid prices one. It was just like this but with Chinese writing one it.

So I gathered up my boy and his BFF and set off or the Long Meadow in Prospect Park. It is a good thing I brought my son's BFF. They needed to entertain each other why I got the kite put together correctly. I needed some help and it was great that I found the kite masters of Prospect Park. As soon as I walked towards them, they all said "You put you kite together backwards" and "you don't have enough string." The next think I knew my kite was fixed and the length of my string was multiplied by ten.

So I got the kite up and my son got to fly it for a wile. I hung out with the "kite people". They were a truly friendly and supportive group. They all worked together to keep their kites up. You need good eyes to keep lines from getting tangled.

There is also a common threat to kites in Prospect Park: Helicopters. They said that helicopter pilots often seam to aim at the strings. Not fun. On this Labor Day there were plenty of them. Just outside the Park was the West Indian Day Parade. It made a nice soundtrack to our kite flying day.


  1. So, you had trouble getting it up eh? Don't worry, you are middle aged now, it is to be expected.

    I hear they make pills for that nowadays...................

  2. Isn't it so awesome when you find something that the kids can watch you do and hve others help you out so you look like your doing it "with them?" (cause I know kids dont' hold onto the string that long!)


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