Saturday, October 31, 2009

A break from NYC Marathon Mania

I did not start enjoying Halloween it till I was an adult. My kids love it now, the candy and the costumes are so much fun.

The Halloween I always remember was in 2001. October 31, 2001. We put our 1 year old twins into little costumes tucked them in the stroller and went to the Park Slope Civic Council's Parade. I remember that day as clear as I remember September 11, 2001. That was the day I realized everything was going to be ok. That was the fist day I heard people laughing in the street since September 11.

Enough of that.

This year was a lot of fun. I got some custom made costumes from Andy P. Click on his name and you get his cool flicker photos. I was not sure my kids would want costumes that were not "out of the box", but I was wrong. They excited to get the offer of unique costumes and when they saw them they sad they were full of awesomeness.

They loved the attention they ware getting all over the neighborhood. My son is MetroMan, a petite superhero who helps tourists in the subway. My daughter was a, well a beautiful girl with a Brooklyn Bridge hat.

The kids scored piles of candy and my dream came true when the wonderful folks at La Bagel Delight were giving out bagels instead of candy. Treat for me, I am, if you do not know, running a marathon tomorrow.


  1. Your kids look great - totally unique! They grow up fast; mine doesn't want to go out anymore, so I'm glad you're enjoying them now. However, while mine was staying home, he made me an awesome marathon poster for cheering in the crowd, so it's all good. Have a great race today!

  2. The costumes were freaking incredible! people kept commenting on Nick's! That guy did an awesome job!


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