Saturday, October 24, 2009

Road Trip

It was a cold rainy day today. Great museum day. From my experience the Natural History Museum or the Hall of Science would be packed. But I have a car. It was Great day to go 75 miles away to a museum.

I picked the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport Conn because it looked like my kids were about to outgrow it. Some of the stuff was for kids smaller than 9 year olds. The place was not very crowded. If fact, some of the rooms were empty. My kids thought the place was closed. They got over that pretty fast.

They have a planetarium. We stayed for two separate shows. The first was a video. It was like Thomas the Train becomes a star. The kids and I all thought it was kinda creepy. I found a clip on YouTube. Check it out. We also stayed for a second show on the history of the telescope. It was a little more grown up.

Then he turned on the thing that shines stars on the ceiling. The planetarium guy (that is how he introduced himself) took questions at the end. Mostly people wanted to see their astrological sign.No matter how many times shows me a constellation I don't see anything. I think it is a birth defect. There are worse miladies.

I had two questions
  • What is the deal with Pluto? When I was a kid it was a big deal that we had 9 planets, now we have only 8. He said there are 8 planets and 5 or 6 "lesser planets". But it might go back to the way it was because the planet nerds are still fighting.
I also asked him
  • Is it really darkest before the dawn? He tried to answer me so I changed the subject.
This is the view from their back window. Nice


  1. I am continually amazed how much "I" learn when I take my kids to places like this.

  2. This place whould look quite scary at night, like in Blair Witch Project.

    Nice shot though


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