Saturday, November 14, 2009

Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are and Fantistic Mr Fox

I have heard so many good things about Where the Wild Things Are. But I gotta say I did not thing is was so great. A bunch of creepy, dysfunctional monsters. Maybe it was me but I couldn't keep track of which giant stuffed animal was which. Maybe taking a nap in the middle did not help me with the plot. Yea, and who is not gonna cry at the end when a run away 11 year old is reunited with his mom. Uh, I don't think I ruined it for anyone.

But my day not lost. The opening feature was Fantastic Mr Fox . I had no idea what it was gonna be about. I only knew that my 4th grade son said it was the best book he read in 3rd grade. This movie was so much fun. If you are a kid you will like it because plenty of characters get bonked on the head. But as an adult it had plenty for me. Lots of sarcastic humor and beautiful animation. When it looked like everybody was gonna get killed they used the perfect death and destruction song for the sound track; Sympathy for the Devil. And when things got even uglier Mr Fox said "It looks like we are gonna get cluster curses"

Watch the trailer...

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  1. My kids got creeped out BIG time by the wild things and left right in the middle!


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