Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We saw Miss USA on The Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum

Believe it or not but today was the first time I visited the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. I have been on the pier, or the next one but that was in 1982, the see The Clash, but that was in a previous life.

Today was Veterans Day and I figured we would go. My tour guide head told me it would either be over crowded with special events or an empty museum because it was a mid-week, non school trip day in November. It was neither. Not to crowded and some extra stuff going on.

Both my kids spontaneously said they had a great time, they wanna make it a Veterans Day Tradition. I am honestly surprised that they said they had such a good time. It was their fist realistic exposure to the consequences of war. They might have even seen me a little upset. Looking at so many machines that were made just to kill people made me think that we have to stop this war stuff. Not just in the abstract, but the reality for me is that in 9 years my kids will be 18 years old. If we keep fighting we are going to run out of volunteers and there will be a draft again. I was not happy.

Anyway we had a strange celebrity sighting . Miss USA, Krsiten Dalton, was promoting Service Nation. We had a fun 15 minutes waiting for her. I told my kids we would recognize her from her crown. My son picked her out of the crowd right away. Who else wears a sash? But look at those shoes. Those are shoes!


  1. I saw the Clash on the Pier too. Did it thunder during the whole show and then a downpour during the encore of White Riot at the end? Did Curtis Blow open? If so, then I was there with you.

  2. David. I gotta go look at my ticket stumps. That same night I saw Jonney Thunders and some night club and half the Clash showed up and jammed with him. I don't remember if I was wet.


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