Saturday, January 16, 2010

I get a lot of free samples and swag

It is mostly crap.

But last week I was surprised and delighted to handed a free pair of running shorts.  Really good shorts.

I always run in Spandex under anything.  I have run hundreds of miles in a bathing trunk and did not know it.

I was given a pair of lululemon athletica - Response Shorts and I feel it is only polite that I review them properly.

First of all before I even touched them I liked them, they are made of recycled stuff.  Nice!

They also have a very nice feel.  They felt cool, like cotton, they did not have the tech feel of tech clothing.

Inside they had built in Spandex tights.  This is a really nice feature.

So I took them for a run.  I needed to bring my phone today and I was a little worried that it would bounce around in the deep pockets.  Then I found the little zipper pocket on the left leg.   It was perfect for the cell phone and MetroCard.  The big front pockets were perfect for my keys and then my gloves.

As I was running I made a point of thinking about how my pants felt (that was strange).  They felt great.  They never rode up or threatened to fall down.

They cost a lot more than I ever spent on running shorts and tights combined but maybe I am worth it.

Thanks Whitney

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