Sunday, January 3, 2010

It is great to go to the zoo in the Winter

It was 22° and lightly snowing.  What should we do on this Saturday Afternoon.  Go to the Zoo, of course.  My son and his BFF walked over to the Prospect Park Zoo.

Some of theanimals were very happy to see us


did not  mind the cold

But the best thing about going to the zoo in the winter is the staff.  We were there from 2pm till closing at 4:30 and it was clear that the staff outnumbered the visitors.  The did not hover over us, but it was so clear that they appreciated some human interaction in the dead of winter.

The sea loin feeding is so much more fun when the explainer does not need a microphone because there are only 7 people watching.  We attended the live animal encounter and I can honestly say that for the first time in my 46 year life I touched a rabbit.  But the real cool part was that the 2 kids I came with were half the kids in the classroom.


  1. Cold day for a zoo visit, I'm sure they were all happy to see some humans come to visit. Great photos.

  2. that is awesome. Not sure I'd dare walk around in 22 degree weather (ran in 5 yesterday). It seems you made a few people happy.

  3. I would go to the Wild Animal Park on Thanksgiving but that was in California and not cold. But there would not be many people there on that type of holiday. I am adjusting to colder weather now but I don't think I could walk around the zoo in today's temp. It warmed up to 15 degrees today. Glad to hear about people enjoying the zoo and the petting zoo.

  4. I still can't believe you all stuck it out at the zoo for so long! You are a good guy Michael, William had funn, thanks again

  5. The zoo was fun, they had to kick us out at closing. The walk home sucked.

  6. Gotta Agree.... visiting the zoo during the winter time is like entering a whole other world... the animals come alive and moving about... making noise and being more like what they should be ... animals(LOL)...


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