Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping Busy in the Cold

I had a fun weekend, yesterday the girl had a b-day party so the Boy and I took the subway to The Aquarium in Conney Island..  It was cold down a the beach, but most of the aquarium is indoors.  The little blue picture is my boy pointing at a jelly fish.  The sea lion show at the aquarium is my favorite.  It is educational but the trainers did not forget they are in CONNEY ISLAND, Americas first amusement park.  Click here for someone else's Video of Osborn.  When I took the photo at the right I did not use the zoom, and my son was sitting in front of me.  Yea!

Today we took a drive out to the brand new Connecticut Science Center.  It was great, well worth the 250 mile round trip and the $45 admissions fee (they don't participate in the ASTC Passport Program).  The kids played with a 50x microscope that fed directly into a usb port.  They produced and stared in their own weather forecast.  The got to learn about nutrition and fitness in ways that made sense to a 9 year old.  At left is the view of the Connecticut River from the window of The Museum.  Below is a photo of the instructions for a real toilet in a real mens room.  You wont see that everywhere.

We had a little problem when it was time to leave.  It was 5pm and after learning about how to eat better, I did not want to feed the kids McCrap.  So I asked the nice people at the front desk if they could recommend an nice place to eat, were can I walk to?  They politely replied, "This is Hartford, it is Sunday evening, everything is closed."  I guess we ain't in Brooklyn anymore.  Anyway we found some good local food on the way back the the Center of the Universe.

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  1. I love your posts. You seem to get a lot out of each day. If you happen to be in the Buffalo area (Lockport to be exact) on February 27th, check out the It's the first 100 mile ultra we have ever held in our area, run by a lot of great souls.


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