Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stop Your Sleeping

I know the real song is Stop your Sobbing, but when it is time to wake up the kids I sing the chorus but I change the words to Stop your Sleeping.  What is the opposite of a lullaby?

I never appreciated how peaty this song was back in the day.  By back in the day I mean August 30, 1980. I was so into Chrissie Hynde.  I was  in the front row, just at her feet in Central Park that day.  I never took my eyes off her.  I never knew that the drummer (her boyfriend, husband?) was tossing sticks into the crowd.  He was giving them away underhand.  I am told the one that the one that knocked me off my feet came over hand.  10 yeas later I learned the symptoms of a concussion.  I guess the fact that don't remember hitting the ground, and that I threw up on subway ride home meant I had one.  I never even got to keep the drum stick.  I wonder if my old friend Phil still has it.

Anyway I just found a great website. Wolfsgangsvault.com.  You can listen to the show.


  1. A drumstick knocked you off your feet? Was there something else you were drinking that day? :)

  2. oh yea. It was 1980! It was Central Park

  3. I am sure the kids get up just to shut up your singing, lol!


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