Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is this an Olympic Place?

That is what my son said when we walked into the New Balance Track and Field Center this morning. I said yes, yes it is, This is where Olympians get started.

They ran the Armory Youth Championship.  All I can say is that a "soccer Mom" ain't nothing to complain about.  The meet started at 9am and was cut short at 3:30pm, before any of the relay events could get started.  I real long day.

I ran at the Armory when I was in high school it looked like this.(thank you  Speaking of high school.  My alma mater Sheepshead Bay High School just won the PSAL City Championships for indoor track.  To bad the school is on the short list to be flushed


  1. I was there with my son who's a couple of divisions older than yours. You're right it's a loooong day but we were excited to go early and catch the last 2 periods of the Gold game... Hope they had fun! I think I recognize the singlets!

  2. Oh, PS, we're in your picture! Look all the way to the right in the seats and find all of those people in orange. That's us.

  3. Wow, that looks like some event. My son is just to gymnastics and it is held in an old former Wal-Mart building.

    On a side note, if you accept blogging awards, I left you a couple (you are welcome to take both, one or none) on today's post . I enjoy reading your observations--keep up the good writing.


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