Saturday, April 3, 2010

15 days ago I was in the hospital, today I ran a half marathon.

My son took this picture just AFTER I crossed the finish line. 

Today I was very proud.

Proud of my kids each finished 2nd in their age groups in the 5K, but not just for running well.  I was proud of them for getting out of bed at 6am on this Saturday in the middle of Spring Break.

I am also proud of my friends and family for helping me raise over $500 to help put Haiti back together.  (Hint, hint, you can still help, click this)  It was really great to be part of a group that was helping others with out asking anything in return.

But aside from the charity aspect of this race is was organized a little differently than other races I have been involved with.  I have managed some races with my team, the Prospect Park Track Club.  We are a club of about 300 people and when we put on a race there is a sincere scene of community.  
I have also run many New York Road Runners races and over the past few years there has been a lot of criticism of them.  People have said they are all about the event and not concerned about the runners.  To these people I say SHUT UP.  You should run an event organized by US Road Sports & Entrainment Group.  

When I go the the NYRRC to pick up my number I am greeted  by people who may know my name but who defiantly have seen me enough times to say hello to me.  The person who gives me my number and teeshirt may even be a friend or teammate.   The people who handled my registration for the 13.1 Marathon seamed like office temps who are probably working at the Auto Show now.

The course itself was something the NYRRC or any other running club would never have offered .  Flushing Meadow is a nice place to race but the course had too many sharp turns and no crowd control.  We were just running around in a park.  Cars, pedestrians and soccer balls everywhere.  Also the course was altered.  There were 3 or 4 places where we had to leave the course because of flooding.  I am sure the mile markers and finish line were not moved to accommodate the new course.  
While I am on this rant what the fuck is a 13.1 Marathon.  It is a half marathon.  A marathon is 26.2 miles.  That distance was set in 1926 and is based on Greek history/legend that is 2,500 years old.  So stop giving the NYRRC a hard time if they change the date of the New York City Half because they need to negotiate the closing of some major roads and hi-ways.

And what is up with this logo.  An image of John Travolta as Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever and a disco ball on the finishers medal.  Uch.

So stop bad mouthing the New York Road Runners Club.  There are "Entertainment Groups" banging on the door to make money in NYC.  Or maybe you will not need money to registrat for this race next year.  Maybe they will "merge" with another  "Entertainment Group" and you can pay for the race with you Hilton Rewards Points or your "miles".  


  1. Oh wow. Great job to you and the kids!

  2. Congrats to everyone! I know I'll never get 2nd place in my age group.


  3. The course annoyed the hell out of me too, and I only ran the 5k. It was almost a quarter mile short, and the course markers might as well have been invisible!


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