Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Insult to Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and the 2 free "newspapers" that are shoved in your face when you get on the subway (AM New York and New York Metro) celebrated by having special sections on what to buy to make Earth Day better for you.
I honestly think if they wanted to celebrate Earth Day, they should have simply suspend publication for a day. They would not of had to print and ship the paper.  We also would have a lot less trash.....


  1. Some one needs to invent re-loadable electronic paper. Pay a quarter a day to get your favorite newspaper downloaded onto your own piece of technology. Oh yeah, that's what the IPad is huh?

  2. Most of the people on the subway have a smart phone. They can read anything. But the people who publish these "newspapers" don't care if anyone reads them, they only want to hand them out so they can have a high "readership rate"

  3. I think stopping print publication for a day is a great idea.


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