Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun on the last day of Spring Break

We walked..... We walked from Brooklyn Borough Hall to the Brooklyn Bridge. On the way there we stopped in Cadman Plaza to use the bathroom.

In there the kids found a pay phone with a dial. They had never seen one before.

On the bridge we notice lots of locks. The kids want me to put a lock on the bridge too. I guess that is kind cool. You always know where you lock is.

We walked more. The we stopped for a great lunch on Chambers Street. Jerry's Cafe was a great alternative to fast food. Twice the cost. Ten times better.

We continued walking across Chambers Street to the Hudson River. The kids played in the Rockefeller Playground and took a break while watching a pond get cleaned out.

Then we walked over to the dock for the Water Taxi to NJ and had ice cream.

A few more steps got us to a very nice grassy park with pretty trees. My daughter took this picture of this man taking a picture. She has my taste in art.
She also took this one.

Then we stopped to used the indoor plumbing in the World Financial Center (very nice) . Walking around the World Trade Center Site is very tough for me. I HATE the tourists who come to gawk. Hate.

We crossed Church St and the kids found themselves playing on a statue. It was fun for them, but this is what that stature looked like on Sept. 11, 2001. Click here to see what it looked like on Sept. 11, 2001. (It is not nice, I took it out of my blog.)

Then we walked across Wall Street. We stopped at Federal Hall. My son asked why George Washington is holding out his hand. I told him that this is where he took that oath of office to become the first President of the United States. But "I know that but why is he sticking his hand out?" I told him that he was resting it on a bible. "What's a bible?" Thats my boy! (Thanks Roate for the photo of G. Washington.)

We were not done walking. We stopped to play in the BMW dealership on Wall Street. (Just a little, it was not a kiddie place.)

Walking done (almost). We jumped on the Ikea Ferry to get back to Brooklyn. I did a lot of cropping but check out the side of this building in Brooklyn. It cost $5 to take the ferry to Red Hook (on weekdays) but you get a $5 credit to shop in Ikea. So we went in and bought some swedish meatballs. We got them to go. We took the bus home.....


  1. In there the kids found a pay phone with a dial. They had never seen one before.

    Welcome to the real world, kids! :-)

  2. Thanks for following my Eagan daily photo blog!
    Rock on - have a great weekend!


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