Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Coney Island, Not Disney World

This morning my girl said she wanted to go to an amusement park and low and behold, we got one here in Brooklyn and it is OPEN.  Our destination Deno's Wonder World home of Deno's Wonder Wheel.  But I will get to that.

We had lunch at Nathan's.  The hot dogs are hot dogs, but the reason to go is the French Fries. I might actually believe they are made from potatoes.  The service is so bad.  If you order outside they only sell 3 thing  3 things..  Hot dogs, fries and drinks.  (You can get frogs legs inside,really).  The service is painfully slow because the person who takes your order has to prepare it.  Look, she is waiting on a line to get my french fries.

Even better is the view you get when you eat outside

Then we wondered into the Eldorado game room.  It had just opened up and the guys who work there were playing with all the games.  They kept winning tickets and giving them to my kids.  Kinda cool.  750 tickets got us like 75 cents worth of prizes.  My kids felt special.

Specking of special, you know the talking presidents they got at Disney World. Well we got animatronics too. Check this out

Then we got to Dino's.  I gotta say it was great to go early in the season.  The staff and the paint was still fresh.  Neither was fried by the Summer Sun.  But, alas, my kids have out grown the "kiddie rides".  When you are tall enough to ride the bumbler cars, you don't want to ride the flying elephant.
I like this ride controller.  Mangels'   Nothing in Google about a Mangels' Ride Controls.  (Till now.)

I stand corrected 


  1. That Coney Island "water fountain" made me a little inside.

  2. That second photo was AWESOME!!


    Crack kills. ;)

  3. Do a search for W.F. Mangels and a lot more will come up.

    Also - WTF with that fountain! I've lived here my whole life and never seen that. Is that a new addition on Sitt Square or something?

  4. ah, I googled with out the W.F.

    The fountain was in front of the haunted house that was next to the "Polar Express"

  5. At the Coney Island Hsitory Project, there's a rare antique "fairy whip car" from the ride invented by WF Mangels. So darling...

    Special hours: Open at 10am on the day of the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

  6. Finally finding Mangels was well worth it. Leave it to Brooklynology to document his fascinating career.


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