Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I walked into Grand Central Terminal because I had to pee.

Really, I was in midtown and wanted to pee and wash my hands before getting some street meat for lunch. But I walked right into the Municipal Art Society's tour of Grand Central Terminal.

I learned some new things.  I thought the Campbell Apartment was a place to sleep.  No it is a really fancy place to drink.  My Dad asked me how much a drink cost there.  I told him I would do a little Internet research before posting my blog.

We this is the answer:  If you need to know the price of a drink at the Campbell Apartment, you should not be there.

They keep the money in a big safe in a fireplace.

We also went down to the food court and stopped ext to Junior's. Our guide told the tourist that if they come back for cheesecake they should get it plain, otherwise everyone would know they are a tourist.  I knew that.  It is a question on the Sightseeing Guide License that we both have.

However, he told the tourists that if they want to cross the street like a New Yorker, they should just steps off the curb and look, irregardless of what the Walk/Don't Walk sign says.  He added that one should be wary of yellow cabs, they will see you as a target.  I disagree, the yellow cab drivers are professionals, trying to make a living.  It is the black limos that I am afraid of.  Those drivers are nasty.

I did get to pee, but I skipped lunch.  Not bad

And yes, I was part of a crowd of tourist that impeded the flow of pedestrian traffic

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  1. Cabs are the worst here in Toronto. Glad you found a place to pee .


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