Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Kings County Fair and Buffo the Clown.

I took the kids to the Kings County Fair at The Aviator Sports complex at Floyd Bennett Field.  It was a standard fair, delivered by a fair company.  It is not like we could have a biggest tomato or fattest hog contest in Brooklyn.  They had lots of rides, The Vomittron, Spinning Vomittron and of course the Up and Down Vomittron.  Kids love it.  Especially following the sausage and peppers and the "hand dipped corn dog".  For some reason I don't think they were freshly dipped, if you know what I mean.

I think the highlight of the show was Buffo The Clown.  According to this Video as of 2008 he has been doing this for 29 years.  So over 30 years, now.  I think he was a little burnt.  Or at least he has been living in truck to long.  A big part of his act was bring little kids on stage and getting them to say "I love you" to the adults they were with.  Then he reminded the audience that DVDs of the show would be for sale. We he brought this little kid up and got him to point to his Mom.  On cue, the kid said "I love you, Mom".  Really cute.  So Buffo says "Who is that other lady, is that you grandmother?"The 3 year old says "No, that is my other mother."  Buffo compleatly falls out of character.  You got too moms, oh my God, you got two moms!"

Welcome to Brooklyn MoFo the Clown.


  1. Vomittrons -- It's about time they came up with accurate names! I wonder if ole Buffo is re-thinking his little kid routine. What a hoot! I would have loved being there!

  2. Buffo better move into the 21st century.

  3. Great story. I hope Boffo recovered and was polite about it. There are lots of kids with 2 moms around here.

  4. I think the worst part was that he thought the other Mom was the Grandmother.

  5. My kid wanted to go to this, but our ride said no because he heard it was overrun with rowdy hooligans. Now I know it wasn't hooligans, just small-minded clowns!



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