Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Superhero Supply co.

I stopped in on a class trip.  The front is a retail outlet.  They have an online catalog if you are interested.  They sell all sorts of great stuff.  Capes, invisibility spray; all the things a superhero needs.  Click through to Yelp to see some much better photos of their available inventory

But in the back, behind a hidden door, they have a lair.  Yes a secret lair.  An organization called 826NYC provides some amazing educational and fund programs.

But the most terrible thing happened to me after the trip.  We walked back to the school and it was ten after twelve.  My daughters teacher announced that if anyone was going out to lunch and did not need to return to the classroom to get anything they could just come back at 1PM.  I asked my (just 10 year old) daughter if she wanted to have lunch with me.  She said "Where?"  I said anywhere you want.  She looked and me with a mixture of confusion and dread and said "But, but ...."  So I told her it is ok if she wants to go in and meet her friends for lunch.  So, I went home an had a tuna sandwich.

Maybe in 10 or 15 years she will want to have lunch with her Daddy again.

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  1. That's funny. I am taking tomorrow off from work for a mental health day, and asked Az if he'd like me to take him out to lunch. At first he said "ok" and then he renegged, saying he'd rather just have lunch with his friends. Sigh. But part of me is glad because now I can have Ethiopian food.


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