Thursday, July 8, 2010

DDC Day VII, The High Line

Took the kids and some friends to Chelsea Waterside Park, a nice modern playground with lots of sand and water.  Then we walked over the the real gem of the neighborhood, The High Line.  Click here for a map.  I took the photo below looking North from 20th Street.  That is the future is being built. You can click here for many, many photos.  I just wanted to show that this is only the beginning. 

We went to the Chelsea Market for lunch.  The last time I was there was like 20 years ago.  To bad for New Yorkers that tourists have found this place.  But then again I showed up with 5 kids under the age of 11.

We went for cupcakes at Eleni's.  As expected the kids went nuts at the sight of all those cupcakes. (photo credit at left to S.R.).  The only other costumer in the bakery was a women of about 25 years who looked like cupcakes were very important to her.  The kids were between her and her cake.  She said "Excuse me" and was totally ignored by the drooling children.  She then shook and bellowed MOVE, and almost shoved herself past the oblivious kids. 

I calmly walked over the the women and told her they are little kids, she does not have to yell.  She told me that when she was there age she knew what the words "excuse me" meant.  I asked her to consider the fact that she might be wrong and placed my body between this women and the kids.

This women reminded me of the people who live in my neighborhood who consider themselves "ballers".  They are mostly a made up internet group that thinks that "breeders" and their spawn (children) are just here to get in their way.  I always thought these were fictional characterizations but this women did just kinda freak out because she was in the mere presence of children.


  1. Did she ever stop to think that maybe the kids didn't hear her?

    Mikinley said she didn't even hear the woman, what a bitch! You at least repeat yourself one more time before "bellowing", wish I had been there, I would have ripped her up for screaming at my son and grandchildren and your kids like that!

  2. There were no thoughts in the mind of this women except the fact that there was something blocking her from her cake. She is probably blogging about the self absorbed breeders that dragged their entitled children all over the city.

  3. She was a pound and a half of peanut butter in a one pound jar.


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