Thursday, August 12, 2010

DDC Day XV, A Quick Trip to the Brooklyn Museum of Art

I love this painting.  Gowanus Canal from 2nd Street by Randy Dudley

It remindes me of this photo I took last year for my blog post

The kids had a good time outside the museum.


  1. Are you saying that the kids didn't have a good time inside the museum? How nice that you all can bicycle everywhere, and that there is so much to see within bicycle range. Up here, you'd have to be a mighty cyclist to truly see the sights.

    The painting, by the way, looks very interesting. I tried to find a larger version on line, so that I could see more detail, but was unable to.

  2. The girl was actually a little hungry and tired.

    I could walk to both the museum and the spot where the painting was painted in about 10 minutes. In different directions.

    I tried to make the painting bigger too. It is copyright protected.


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