Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eight Weeks

On November 7, I will run the NYC Marathon.  It's first mile is on The Verrazano Bridge.  This is what it looks like under The Bridge.  This was my view from mile 12 of 20.


I was especially thankful to run with my teammates from the Prospect Park Track Club.  If I was alone I would have gone out to fast and taken the subway home.

I really did not want to run into the Manhattan today.  I am not gonna forget what happened 9 years ago today.  But, I don't need anybody waving a sign in my face that tells me how to remember.


  1. You're right about the sign in your face.
    People might not be talking about it as much, but everybody is thinking about it. Images burned into the retinas of a billion eyes.
    Alberta, Canada

  2. It was nice running with (more like behind) you today Michael. It was an absolutely perfect day, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course you led throughout my beloved borough.

    Like you, it was really important for me to stay in Brooklyn today. I was here on 9/11/01 and currently work across the street from Ground Zero. It was just as gorgeous a day as it was today, and I will never forget. Ever.

    Great shot of the Verrazano! I need to bring my camera next time!

  3. really? they were waving signs in your face? how obnoxious.

    I guess people feel the need to express themselves regardless of whether others want to listen.

    20 miles is very respectable. Have fun during the Marathon. I'll be out taking photos on 4th Avenue in Park Slope. :-)

  4. I should have just said that the actual presence of a sign would have bothered me.


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