Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What is the carbon footprint of Cat Milk (CATMILK?)

Some people are color blind, they can't tell red from green.  I must have another genetic defect, I can't tell one small mammal from another.

Why is a cat cute and not a rat?

I had to check, is it milk that comes from the breasts of cats?

I can't tell what mammal this milk comes from.


  1. It's milk from the ripoff cow. Just get lactose free milk -- much more for less, and your cat will be happy that you're not feeding her brown blech.

  2. I second the motion, it's just moo juice with some of the moo removed and some taurine added... Buy the lactose free, if you really want to give your cat milk, and feed them a good quality cat food.

    Interesting what people will buy.


  3. I guess the pet product industry didn't sustain the same kind of hits the rest of the economy did. Crazy cat ladies need to be needed and what better way to show your love than lactose reduced milk product containing, wait...taurine? Isn't that in Red Bull? Wired Kitties that's just what the world needs, pets on cat milk and cat nip binges!

    So I had to look it up. It is indeed in energy drinks, though it contains no energy producing qualities...odd, but whatever. Turns out it's in meat and bile? It might even have weight loss benefits. According to always fact checked wikipedia.


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