Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I walked over the NEW Willis Ave Bridge today

Really.  On Saturday my running club is gonna be running the last 10 miles of the NYC Marathon Course.  But the streets wont be closed on Saturday like they will be next Sunday.  Mostly everything will be the same, but the bridge that connects Manhattan to The Bronx is a highway and it is brand new.  It was just opened on Oct 2.

So I had to go there and document how to cross it.  For that story click here and see my contribution to the Prospect Park Track Club Blog..  In this blog I will talk about all the cool thins I saw.

Before we even got to the bridge we saw a very cool thing.  The Pace Car for the Marathon.

On our way to the bridge we actually walked over the bridge we met some bridge workers.  They are very proud of their bridge and are happy it is going to be part of the NYC Marathon.

Below is a photo of the old bridge.  It is not where it used to be.  It is floating on a barge about 200 yards west.

It was a draw bridge. But it did not lift, it spun.  It turned 90 degrees so that ships could pass.

It rested on this.  I wish I had something in that photo to give it some sense of scale.

This is how the road looks where it was connected to the bridge

This is below the bridge, it is a staging area for bridge parts. (It used to be a driving school for motorcycles)

and last year this was a foot bridge over the Major Degan Expressway.  That bridge goes nowhere and is being held up by containers.  (the back part of trucks)

We followed the marathon route through The Bronx and took the Madison Ave Bridge back to Manhattan.  I love this sign.  "All persons must leave draw span when gong sounds".  Gong......

Back in Manhattan we need some breakfast..  Manna's was the obvious choice.  If I am on 125th Street I ain't gonna eat in Applebees.  Maybe I was just in a good mood but I never had corn bread that was this good before


  1. Great post, Mike. I loved it. I will not be joining you on your Nov. 7 run. Instead, I will be sending my representative.
    -- Lancer

  2. next time you are in upper harlam,go to 116th between 2nd and 3rd. next to taco king and in front of a florist.a mexican woman sells tamales for $1.25. a friend of mine from tiauana said they are just like home.they are home made.she sells them out of a handmade cart and i guess her pots from home.get there early.she ususlly sells out by 10am


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