Monday, October 4, 2010

This just came in the mail

I thought it was an issue of Playboy

and this inside ... Like she has to pick up her skirt.  It is like a PG version of "The girls of the Olympics."

I don't know how or why I have a subscription to Outside Magazine, but at this point of my life I am more interested in this ad for New Balance on page 11.   NOTHING HURTS MORE THAN SITTING ON A COUCH.

My doctor told me I should run less because eventually I wont be able to run anymore.  Ya know what; When I can't run anymore I will stop.  Why should I stop now.


  1. I can't run any more, but I don't look like those young women in your (unwanted) magazine.

    Kay, Alberta

  2. Outside Magazine has changed a lot in the many years I've been getting it. If I had little girls at home there's no way I'd keep the subscription going.

  3. I love that until you can't!

  4. I know, for myself, that's precisely how I look after a 20-mile run. Not. So that's one of the last things I'd want to see on the front of an outdoor magazine because I'd then know that the magazine was totally bogus. No one looks like that when they are exercising! If the magazine is selling exercise it should display (at least some) truth in advertising!


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