Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Vote and I Run (Update)

What a great combination.  Jogged around the corner to the school that my kids do not go to and used the new easy to use digital voting machines.  It would take an idiot to have a problem with them and the New York Post assumes it's readers are idiots.

Then just a few blocks away.  Yes I live 4 blocks from the Marathon Route.

On the way home I ran past the back of the Gowanus Canal

More news below...............................................

So the vibe where I vote in Park Slope was cool.  No lines,  No stress.  Everyone seamed happy to embrace new technology.  I took the kids to the school I actually graduated from in 1974 so they could vote with their Grandmother.  I was cool to go back to PS 52 in Sheepshead Bay.  The gym was so much bigger when I was there.

Anyway, in Sheepshead Bay nobody was happy.  (I don't really think there are that many happy people on Sheepshead Bay anyway...)

My MIL had no problem voting, but she saw someone show the voting official their license and was afraid she was going to have to prove her identity.  So I eavesdropped, The women was not being asked to prove her identity, she was just showing how to spell her name.

Also there were complaints that the letters were to small.  They are the same size as they were on the old machines.

I guess the only people that actually vote in Sheepshead Bay at 2 PM are over 70 years old because everyone else is at work.

It is part of the culture of New Yorkers to complain.  Shut up and vote


  1. Goo djob on voting! Here in Illinois, unfortunately it really is the choice of two very bad evils in basically every case.

  2. Well, if you do nothing else, running and voting will get the job done.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


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