Monday, December 27, 2010


The 10 year old boys I hang out with use Epic to much.  That french fry was epic. Epic fart, dude.  What ever.

I don't know what the dictionary says but I define epic as follows

  1. A once in a lifetime event.
  2. A live changing event.
  3. A live reaffirming event.

From my front door

That is not my car.  I got an epic spot.  At the end of the block, on the left side of a one way street.  EPIC, tomorrow morning I will pull right out

My run this morning was number 3.  Live reaffirming.  Four loops of Prospect Park just after 20 inches of snow fell.  I went out early and got right behind the plow for the first loop.  By the time I ran the 4th loop its effects had literally been erased by the wind.

Harry's Wall

This is the "road" that I ran 13 miles on

Remember the Tornado

Where the Revolution began and almost ended.

I like the blue in the sky

More blue

The sky had extra blue today

The Boat House and more blue

I got EPIC all over me.


  1. You got a sense of what my winter runs are like. Nice, right?


  2. Beautiful pictures! But glad that it was you - not me - running in that deep snow! I'm a wimp in the cold!

  3. Erin. Today convinced me to run a Spring Marathon. Winter training is so much better than Summer.

  4. Nice pictures of the snow. Makes me glad I live in Florida, though.

  5. An epic post for sure - or whatever (kids still use this y'know)

    Happy new year. May it bring you and yours prosperity and good health.

  6. Love those photos with the patches of blue in the sky, then bunches of blue at the Boat House. Epic, almost. LOL
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. oh wow that is a LOT of snow!!

  8. Wonderful shots! You look so happy in that last one...


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