Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Republicans Are Idiots And Arguing With Them Is A Waste Of Time!" (Update)

My Aunt sent me (and everyone her address book) this as an email with the subject 

"Sad news from the North”.  

I replied to everyone with this:

But in the real world it is worse

Palin on GMA, " would never shoot an animal for its fur or for fashion". In the background, a bearskin rug complete with head.

My cousins replies are in blue, mine are in black.

Cousin: Where's the inside of the bear then?  What did they do with it?  Some people work for their food.  Some people wait for others to feed them.  Some people up on top of their political group make lots of money off these ideas.  Some of these people get very large sums of money from the Arabs so that they don't let us dig up our own oil, not caring one bit about the people that elected them.  Some people have loads of complaints about our government and things they do during war.  I think those people should go to the countries they think are run correctly or go to the countries that cut people's heads off if you don't believe the way they do.  Tell them how to be nice.  Isn't it funny how most of the people that complain were never in the armed forces to fight for the right to just stand and tell the ones that did fight how to make this country good?  I'm also puzzled.

Me:- - what are you trying to say?

Cousin: I didn't understand the complaint about Palin's bear rug or her hunting.  So many other things to complain about. 

Me: She said "[I] would never shoot an animal for its fur or for fashion". In the background, a bearskin rug complete with head.

It shows that she has not connection between what come out of her mouth and reality.  

Do you think that bear died of natural causes?  She is using an animal that was hunted as a rug.

Cousin: Still an assumption that she didn't use the meat.  Maybe it's a trophy for being able to feed; herself, dogs, friends, orphanage or what ever.  Some people run for exercise and some for a trophy.  What a waste of materials to make a trophy.  What a waste of sneaker soles.  Is that better?  I don't know.  At least the bear fed some one or some thing.  I know the bear ate things and left the remains to rot somewhere. 

Some people just love to find fault with others, especially if they're successful at what they do.  I know a man that's half white & half black.  His black father was a drunk and womanizer that abandoned the family.  His white mother died.  His white grandparents raised him & sent him to school, yet he chooses to be black and really not care for whites.  He lies about almost anything he talks about.  He writes books about himself saying one thing and then denies it.  He uses teleprompters to make a speach & can't even read that right.  I don't hear the critics of Palin saying anything about him.  They just love to say the opposit of what the hard working people have fought for.  I can't explain it.  But then again, I didn't hide in a college when I was called into the military.  I didn't have a plane ticket in my back pocket to Sweden, when I was elegible for the draft.  I didn't look for excuses.  I did the moral thing, not look for people of the same cowardly ilk that thinks critisisim is the way to go.

Me: It is very likely that she did not eat the bear.

But you should know that my track club uses recycled trophies.  Many of my teammates earn so many that they give them back to the club.  Then we give them out at our own races.

and my running shoes are given to the needy when I am done with them.  They are still good for walking.

Also you should be happy to know that is good for the economy.  Fit people spend less money on medical needs so your health insurance costs go down.

And critisisim is the way to go, it is called Freedom of Speech.

Cousin:  You should know I shot a bear, ate it along with a whole hunting and fishing lodge for two days.  I have the skin.  It's good for the economy having hunting & fishing lodges & good for the over population of animals.  Critisisim is good, especially if you earned that freedom of speach. 

Me: I earned my Freedom of Speech by being born in Brooklyn.

Cousin: Apparently born in the wrong neighborhood in Brooklyn, amongst the wrong people or maybe you only speak to certain people of a certain ilk, like I said before.  Being born doesn't earn you anything.  Being lucky & being born in a country where people protected you is luck not earning anything.  

Let me guess.  You're too young to be retired.  It's a quarter to eleven in the morning, when most working people work.  You have a computer, you have time to run and train.  You have all kinds of rights that some one else earned for you. You can instruct other people on what they do with their time and how to do it, how to live & what they believe.  Sounds like a Democrat to me.

Me: I am home today because my daughter is sick.  Usually on Tuesdays I volunteer.

If you must know, a few years ago my wife and I decided we would be better off if I stayed home and raised the kids.  She works very hard to bring home enough money to pay the bills.

Freedom of Speech is something that is guaranteed to me as a citizen of the United.  I think I can say whatever I want.

Cousin: Exactly what I've been saying, without trying to out think you or be clever.  The question is, "What made it guaranteed to you," or "On whose back did it become guaranteed"?

No, I don't have to know how you live or why or when.  That's your right too.  I don't have to agree with your life style.  I won't try to talk you out of it or even comment on it.  I won't try to make it a law that you not live like that.  Do you see the difference yet? 

Me: My right to free speech was won in the Revolutionary War.  I still don't know your problem is with my opinion.  It is clear that I think President Obama is trying to make this country better and Sara Palin is not.

I ain't trying to be clever.

Cousin: Correct, your freedom of speach was won in the Rev. War and kept in tact with all the other wars.  I have no problem with you having an opinion.  I have one too.  "Opinions" are like assholes, everyone has one.

Okay.  You win.  I have things to do. 

Me: wow....

There is more.....................................................  My type is small

No, I'm not insulting you by calling you "clever".  Gigalo or Pimp, that's another story.  No, when they get arrested, the illegals are not deported. 

Really do you know any illegals.  I do.  They live in fear and wont even go to their kids graduation.

 Another entitlement paid for by people that work.
They should be but Immigration tells the court system, "we don't have enough man power to pick them up."  That's a fact.  That's why there are so many repeat offenders among them that the working class are supporting, along with their girlfriends and kids.  Why, because we're spending too much money supporting people that are healthy and can work.  Soup kitchens are for homeless and needy people that are citizens, that MAY have contributed some time in their lives to the system, not as a safe harbor for illegals. 
Who pays for all these free entitlements that you are guaranteed to have;  the right to speach, free medical, WIC, Food Stamps, and all the other free things you are ENTITLED to?  How about the WORKING people, the suckers, those who contribute, not the ones that live off the rest of us. 

When I think of entitlements.  I think of all the loopholes the rich have so they don't have to pay their fair share.  But that is another story.

 Do you mean the people that pay more in taxes in one year than you, your wife, me and fifteen of your friends pay a year?  Are those the rich people with the loop holes or the ones that live off them with their loop holes?
FREE medicine, go to CANADA, they have FREE medical.  They pay dearly for their FREE medical.  If something serious happens, they come here to pay for our medical.  You know that very well. 

You know what I know.  I must be an idiot because I don't even know what I know
   Very apparent from what you say.
They pay a lot of money for their FREE or ENTITLED medical that really is not quite up to par or free.  Someone has to pay for "FREE" and of course it's not the ones that are beating the system.
Hey, why don't you speak to some of your friends at the soup kitchen and invite them over to your house for a few meals, maybe a place to sleep in the cold?  Why?  Because they'll be taking something away from what your wife earned just like you want to take away from the people that WORK.
Maybe they can teach you how better to beat the system.  Get divorced and live together.  There are so many free government benefits you can enjoy that way to help support you and your kids.  Another way you can siphon money from the government, money you never gave in. 
Yep, the Republicans are "Idiots" for even letting these programs exist for; drug addicts, illegals, people that refuse to work but would rather play basketball or run for a living.
Yes, I do support laws against people that hire them. If you mean they work at "Jobs that Americans won't do," do they mean people like you?   What jobs would you do?  I did lots of jobs that people wouldn't do, until I got a good one. 

You are wonderful.   If we had a country full of you, where would we be?
I don't support laws that will let them cross the borders & be ENTITLED to free food, medical, and everything else they're minds tell them they're ENTITLED to, such as speach against our government. 

People swim the Rio Grand for the opportunity to work, they are not coming her to make speech against our government,  Where are you getting your facts.
 Emails of Mexican students in California lighting the American flag on fire and flying the Mexican flag at their schools where they exceed in gym, when they go.  I would send these things to you but you won't open them, they're against the way you think.
Yes, that is being a Republican.  Democrats want the poor to live off the working.  Like one of your Poster girls said, "They" referring to illegal Mexicans, "Are entitled to live like the rest of us Americans".  Well, if that's true, I would like to live like her, have a free jet to go where I please and everything else she has.  After all, if "not working" can get you what I have after working, why can't I have what she has?  I worked.  Of course, you being one of the ones that are Entitled to everything because you were born in Brooklyn, and not working because you are busy one day a week in a soup kitchen and busy running, believe those that work should support you.  After all, YOUR'E ENTITLED.

What to you think that I think I am entitled to?   You already let me know that you were born in Brooklyn, therefore you are entitled to everything anyone that contributed to this country is entitled to.  That's what you are entitled to.  No one is looking for you because you speak your opinions.
Why don't you volunteer at the local Democratic club? They'll have you hanging election posters on lamp posts for a few years.  If you're good at that, they'll give you a job in doors sweeping the office, kissing asses, who knows what.  After a few years, they might even give you a key to the bathroom.  You can watch CNN and sing Cumbaya with the rest of  the people that beat the system.  But then again, that's almost like work & being used by the Democrats.  Not for you.
What happens when your child is old enough to take care of itself?  What do you tell your wife;  I can't get a job?  I'm too old?  You go work, I'm going to run & win a second hand trophy.  I wonder what she'll have to say about that.  It could be, "stand on line at the soup kitchen, get your free entitlements else where."  But not to worry, the Democrats will take care of you and feed you in your cardboard box under the Brooklyn Bridge.

You are beginning to loose me.   You were lost a long time ago.  You brag about volunteering.  Volunteer for the Democrats and you'll help fight for your free rights. 
Well, I have to go.  I can't spend for ever trying to persuade a non "IDIOT REPUBLICAN" how he's doing nothing more than sponging off a great nation because he's "Entitled" to it.  After all, he was born in Brooklyn, a place most people who were born there ran from as soon as they could.  But that's probably because they could afford to.

Ok, now you lost me   Which one of those big words didn't you understand?  Maybe when you get all growed up you'll understand mo betta.
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  1. Wow, just WTH is wrong with your family? Please, don't ever introduce me to any of your relatives, wow

  2. I'm the creator of the "Republicans are idiots and arguing with them is a waste of time" facebook page. I'd like to have you write for my site, AddictingInfo.Org.

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