Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Good Ugly Run

The map looks like a mess, but I ran Over the Brooklyn Bridge, across Chambers St, around The Battery and kept going North till I got to the Williamsburg Bridge and took the Kent Ave Bike Lane back to Downtown Brooklyn to get home.  It is the first time I ever ran on the Williamsburg bridge without bonking before I got home.  17.5 miles with many streetlights in 4 hours.  Nice.

It is ugly time in NYC.  Lots of old snow and garbage.  Some of the garbage is berried by the snow and some of the garbage is on top of the snow.  It is gonna snow again next week. We are gonna be embedded in a 7 layer dip of trash, snow, ice, and old xmas trees and  recyclables.

Anyway.  I took my new phone for a run and took this photo of a billboard on the side of a building that used to be the headquarters of the NY Post.  Now it is a self storage warehouse.  Do you think Rupert Murdoch wants to buy the building back?

So I kept running,  When crossed the Williamsburg Bridge it accrued to me that I was passing the Peter Luger Steakhouse.  I had lunch there 10 years ago.  It was great, but it took a few days of of my life expectancy.

I had a steak, creamed spinach, fries, 2 beers, coffee and a cheesecake.

According to Run the Planet a 190 lb man would burn 2,171 calories running 17.5 miles.  In researching calories in a lunch Denise helped me find this for Ruth's Chris on the Live Strong website  "The signature petite filet contains 340.... The creamed spinach side, for example, contains 294 calories per 317 g serving and the crème brulee dessert contains 680 calories per dish."  Add 2 beers at 150 calories each and that lunch is over 1,600 calories.  However, nobody gets the petite filet at Peter Lugers and 1,600 doest even count the fries.

So lets just say that if you want to "walk off" the calories consumed in a meal at Peter Luger you will have to RUN 17 MILES.   That is why we are fat.and it was a great lunch.  Yea, I just put that in one sentence.

I digress..  Down the block from Peter Luger's is a bike shop.  It was closed but they a vending machine that sold commonly needed bike parts.  The New York Times did a story about it last March.  The 24 hour machine has taken a beating since then.  But it is still functional.

But speaking of dysfunctional every Saturday I pass this jerk standing outside of Borough Hall.  He has photos of aborted fetuses and stands across the street from a Planned Parenthood Clinic yelling at women who are going through probably the most terrible moment in their lives.

Yes, it is his First Amendment Right to be there, just as it is my right to take and publish his photo.


  1. I've never seen that guy in action (only standing with the images nearby), but doesn't that mean he has to yell at every visibly pregnant woman who passes Borough Hall?

  2. He yells at everyone, and points to the building where the Planned Parenthood is. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN THERE, THEY ARE KILLING BABIES"

  3. There are also a number of lawyers' offices in that building. And a foster care agency.
    When I pass on Saturdays they are silent--perhaps it's before the business hours of that particular clinic.

  4. Hey Mike - its Mark from PPTC - we ran the Bridge -Battery - Heights route together a few weekends ago - will you be running this Saturday at 8am? If so, I will catch up with you then.

  5. This Saturday I will be at the Manhattan Half.


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