Monday, February 21, 2011


We went to the American Museum of Natural History today.  Yea I should know better.  Presidents Day.  30 degrees and a little snow.  Oh and we did not get there till 1:30.  But I got free passes and heard the new 3D Imax move about dinosaur fish was good.  So I did not care that it would be crowded.  I figured that we would have a quick in and out.

We could not enter the museum from the entrance that is in the accessible directly form the C Train.  I could see through the glass doors that there was already a wall of humanity inside.  So we went up to the main entrance and found out

  1. The move is broken
  2. The coat check is full
  3. Timed tickets for the Brain are sold out
So, we can go into the Butterfly Conservatory  that is 80 degrees, but we gotta take our coats.

It was not so bad.  If you read my blog often you know I complain a lot.  But this is what it looked like mostly.

I actually met the nice person who gives me the passes to the museum.  She was leading a tour and saw me and said "What are you doing here today?"  I said I wanted to see the HALL OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, and I knew today would be the perfect day."

But then we went out for dinner.   4 ten year olds, 2 adults (kinda) and a baby.  Had a great meal at the New Wave Cafe.  2210 Broadway.

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  1. lol that's a funny comment about the hall.
    glad you made it out of there alive.


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