Saturday, March 26, 2011

I don't care what they say about the Russians

I had a powerful run this morning.  I met up with the PPTC group and they ran to Owlhead park, so figured I would continue the loop and head past the Verrazano Bridge to Coney Island and back via Ocean Parkway. It is a great flat 20 mile run with a fantastic half a mile hill at the end.

But my run became a biathlon when I was on the boardwalk  It was a run-fly-run day for me.  Ya see somewhere around mile 13 I tripped over a nail.  It got me totally airborne until gravity took over and I hit the ground.  At that point I was running alone and I hit those boards hard.

REAL Russian KettlebellsBut I was not really alone.  There were lots of old Russian men on their way to the beach to do their chest pounding calisthenics.  The Russians in Brooklyn have a reputation for being a little rude. That was so far from my experience this morning.  4 or 5 of these guys came from 2 different directions to see if I was OK.  None of them spoke a word of  English, but I could tell they saw me fall and were concerned for my well being.  (Or maybe they were just impressed with flying.)  They were happy to see me get up and take a photo of the screw that caused me to fall.

Anyway, in less than 2 months the Brooklyn Half Marathon will pass over that screw.   If I were in the middle of 7,000 other runners this would have been worse.  Worse for me and the runners behind me.


  1. I loved this post. It was great how you kept it short and sweet. I would have probably babbled on for 1,200 words about the kindness of strangers.

    I'm glad you weren't seriously injured. Is it okay that I got a big laugh out of your description of flight?

  2. I'm glad you are ok, Chicken, and glad that you were rescued so handily!

    I have to say that every time I've tripped, people have rushed over to see that I'm ok. NYers are a good lot.

  3. My friend tripped over that screw last year and has been in physical therapy ever since. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.


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