Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is not that appetizing.

It is the Corte Cafe on Lafayette near City Hall.  People who review them were mostly discussed.  So now we know what the "& PLUS" is.  I took the photo at right from more of a distance, the middle of Foley Square.  I wish the date code did not cover up the lawyers on the bottom right.  Don't they look like book ends.?

Down the block on the corner of Center and Worth there is a building with this plaque on it. I wonder if it was the Clinic for Department of Sanitation employees, or the if The Department of Sanitation provided a clinic. The building is now one of the many court housed in the neighborhood.  But below is the staircase that the sign hangs above.

All pretty ghastly.

Below is a Google Street View.  The plaque is under the third window from the left.

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