Thursday, March 10, 2011

White Sauce - Hot Sauce.

Once a week I am lucky enough to have lunch near Borough Hall.  My go to place is a street meat vendor in the plaza in front of the building.  Every Tuesday I get a "Chicken and Rice".  Three men cramped in to a cart making breakfast and lunch for the masses who have business and government offices of Downtown Brooklyn.  In the rain and snow.  when it is 95 degrees or 15 degrees, five days a week they are there.  In a cart like this.

When they see me on line they start cooking.  They know what I want.  We often exchange pleasantries.I told them that I work with tourists and that when they are looking for a "Real Brooklyn Lunch" I send them here.  I asked them about their hot sauce.  It is in fact home made from a family recipe

A family member recently told me that "all Moslem's want to kill you, they want to take your home a put up a tent.  Read the Koran!"  Wow.  This food is Halal.  They seamed like nice guys I figured I would ask them.

food being served to the people who are building
the World Trade Center
me: "Where are you guys from"

them: "We are from Egypt"

my: 10 year old son buts in "Crazy things happening there, I hope things work out."

me:" I noticed you food is Halal, are you Muslims?"

one of them: "I am Christian, they are Muslim, we are cousins."

me: "One of my relatives told me that Muslims want to kill me.  Don't you just want to sell me lunch?"

them.  "White sauce -  hot sauce?" (Translation:  You fucking white liberal from Park Slope, stop asking me stupid questions and let me bust my hump and send my kids to school)

Anyway, I don't always eat street meat.  This weak was the kick of press event for Dine in Brooklyn.  The deep fried deviled eggs (2:30) from the Water Street Restaurant were amazing.  I can be seen stuffing my face at about 3:50.

Dine In Brooklyn from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.

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  1. Oh, I just love cheesecake. I used to eat it all the time when I lived in New York. I went once to Brooklyn and ate lunch in a Deli. They had knishes (I'm not sure if I remember the name correctly) but they were the most delicious thing. Potatoes and meat patties deep fried. I've been looking all over for the recipe but have not found it anywhere.


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